Monday, April 21, 2008

Beco Butterfly: April 2008 Prints

Here's a preview of the new prints Beco will be releasing later this month. They will be shipping from Beco at the end of April, so I hope to have my shipment by May 9 or so. I will not have all prints available -- see details below.

On espresso straps there's:


and Chloe:

and Olivia, which was first released in March but now due to fabric supplier problems will not be available again in the foreseeable future:

There's also still Ethan, which was released in February.

On black straps there's:


And Aubrey, which was released in March:

and Isabella, which was released in March but again due to fabric supplier problems will not be available again until end of May:

I will also have some more Metro Black and Espresso for those who prefer an unpatterned carrier. Oh, and for those that have been asking, the Carnival print will be available again in late May so I should have some by early June.

I will be offering presales on my site once I get the shipping notice from Beco around April 28. It's always a bit sketchy as to what's actually coming in a given shipment so I don't want to presell until I know what's actually coming. Please contact me if you are looking for a pattern that I don't have coming (Ethan and Aubrey are currently not on order) and I will check to see if it's still available from Beco and can be added to my shipment.

Happy Babywearing!


Kait said...

I'm just wondering what the text says in the background of the 'Emma' style? I like it but my husband is concerned that it might say something too girlie for if he wears it?

Continuum Family said...

Hi Kait, the text is in aqua cursive lettering and is just a bunch of words repeated: Favourite, Fruits, Sweet, Taste, Moderun, Style, Pie, Remember, Designs, Anything, Home. My personal opinion is that it's not too girly (and my dh said he would wear it) - the colours are nice and neutral in browns and lime green and white with the aqua lettering. Hope this helps! Deirdre