Thursday, May 15, 2008

Beco Butterfly: May 2008 prints

Here's a preview of the start of the long-awaited Butterfly summer collection. They are due to ship from Beco soon and I hope to have my first shipment the week of June 9.

On espresso straps there's:




As well, the ever-popular Carnival print will be available again:

On black straps there's:


Isabella (which first came out in March and is available again now):

Morgan (which came out in April, and is still available):

and Sara:

I think this is a beautiful collection with something that's sure to please everyone.

I believe there will be two more prints released in June and possibly a couple more in July/August. These will be previewed here as soon as I am able to release them.

I will be offering presales on my site once I get the shipping notice from Beco around May 21. It's always a bit sketchy as to what's actually coming in a given shipment so I don't want to presell until I know what's actually coming. Please be sure to contact me if you are interested in a specific pattern so I can make sure I order enough.

Happy Babywearing!


Miche said...

hi! i stumbled upon your site when looking into the beco carriers. I am wondering how much you sell them for and if you get any black ones? if not, i really like the sara and allison patterns. thanks!

Continuum Family said...

Hi Miche,

Please visit my store at to see current prices and what I have in stock. The new May prints are also now available for presale. I do have Metro Black in stock at the moment and the Sara and Allison prints will be arriving the week of June 9. Thanks for visiting!