Friday, February 22, 2008

Custom Orders at Continuum Family

I'm getting more and more requests lately for custom orders for baby clothing, which is exciting. I love hearing about what people want that they can't find out there and seeing if I can help bring it to them. Here are some recent examples:

1) When Cathy in Australia wanted some split crotch pants for her baby daughter, she mentioned she was looking for something in a wind-resistant fabric. I happened to have some Solarweave on hand that I use to make pouch slings as well as summer baby blankets. Solarweave is a 100% nylon fabric that is wind and water resistant as well as having a minimum 30 SPF. I knew it would be too lightweight on its own to use for the pants, but I suggested to Cathy that we could line it with either a cotton interlock or polar fleece - she opted for polar fleece.

So, here's a picture of the finished pants with the cuff rolled up to show the coordinating fleece lining. I thought they turned out quite nicely, even though Solarweave is not easy to sew with as it has absolutely NO give to it. It was tricky to get it to fit well over the polar fleece.

However, Cathy was very pleased with the pants and sent me this photo and message:

Hi Deirdre,

Just a really quick email to tell you how much we love the pants!! Just tried them today during our unseasonably cold weather (meant to bet he hottest month!) and they fit well, soft and comfy, look great (much more discrete than I expected too), work well for pottying, and misses easily sopped up from the material. Although we don't yet have the cold winter wind I'm so happy to have some pants that are a bit wind resistant. We do lots of walking with her in the wrap, little legs hanging out. And then she is all for exploring - starting to crawl and walk - and the water resistance might make them a bit easier to clean, and definitely to dry them afterwards (I'm envisioning lots of muddy pants this year).

Thanks so much for making them,
2) Another custom request we had was from Gloria in Bethlehem, PA who wrote me saying: "I loved the weight of the fleece in the split-crotch pants ... would it be possible to do custom fleece jogging style pants as well?"

I adjusted my pattern a bit and designed what I hoped would be a trim baby jogging pant that fits nicely over training pants or undies. Gloria was pleased with the final result and sent me this message:

Hi, Deirdre.

Thanks so much for the terrific fleece pants. Got them today - and so far, we LOVE THEM. I'd say the pants are an absolutely perfect fit. There's more room through the legs than in a more-fitted straight-leg or legging style pant (love that). The ankles are perfect. The waist is perfect. The rise is perfect. I'd say there might be enough room for a trim-fitting fitted diaper underneath. Not certain. Certainly enough room for diaper belt + prefold. They are by no means too baggy. I love them. They fit like sweat pants are supposed to fit. Perfect! Thank you!

I will have these slim-fit fleece pants available on my site in the near future, as either a jogger with elasticized leg as these are or a straight leg pant.

3) Leslie in Honolulu, Hawaii wanted to order a bunch of potty cozys for her attachment parenting mother's club, but wasn't crazy about polar fleece. She wrote "I know this probably doesn't exist, but I would love to have a cozy that isn't made from plastic!" I told her I could make them for her from hemp/cotton fleece, which wouldn't have the water repellent qualities of polar fleece, but is a very durable and naturally antibacterial fabric. She was thrilled with the idea and promptly ordered a bunch of hemp fleece cozys and prefold diaper belts. I thought it was a great idea for a product, so have now added the hemp cozys to my site, for both the potty bowl and the regular potty.

I've also had some requests for custom items from the gorgeously soft merino wool interlock I'm using for trainer covers, which I'll be working on when I get my next order of wool in later in March. Keep those custom requests coming!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

New Beco Butterfly Prints for Feb 08

Wow! Interest in the Beco Butterfly has been amazing! My initial order was obviously too small, as it is now 90% sold as of this writing and I've only had them in stock for 5 days! I've just put in another order for more, which I'm hoping will arrive in early March.

Beco is introducing 5 more prints this month. I've only ordered 4 of them because, well, I think the 5th one is kind of ugly and I don't want to sell something that I wouldn't wear or use myself.

Here's a preview of the new prints:

1) Ava - on black straps:

2) Ethan - on espresso straps:

3) Sophia (pink version of the now-sold-out Addison) - on espresso straps:

4) Joshua - on black straps:

Also still available is the ever-popular Carnival print, and I will be getting a few more of those.

I'll be offering these for pre-sale once I get notice that they've shipped from Beco, so check back with us often or contact me to get put on my interest list.