Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our Top 20 Products

Ever wonder what other people buy when they visit our site? Here's a list of our Top 20 Best-Selling Products:

1) "Shi Shi Nix" EC Baby Pants -- these trim yet absorbent pull-up trainers from Australia come in a variety of very cute prints
2) CF Bamboo or Hemp Prefold Diaper Belt -- our lightweight diaper belt is a quick and easy way to secure a prefold diaper
3) Little Beetle Learners - Organic Training Pants -- these sporty trainers provide full coverage in a side-snapping trainer that can also be easily pulled up/down
4) Eco Nix - Organic EC Baby Pants -- these are the luscious, organic version of the Shi Shi Nix - the optional groovy embroidered spiral makes them unique
5) Unbleached Indian Prefolds --a soft and absorbent cloth diapering staple
6) Gauze Diaper Doublers - these economical inserts can be used to boost absorbency of diapers, training pants, even regular underwear
7) T-Shirt Gown -- this ever-popular, economical baby gown fits young babies up to toddlers
8) Papoose Cloth Training Pants -- inexpensive, all-cotton training pant
9) CF Tiny Undies - Cotton Interlock/Jersey -- our tiny underwear is geared for babies from 6-24 months
10) Transparent Potty -- this cute potty has the added benefit of being able to easily see when your little one is finished
11) CF Fleece Prefold Diaper Belt -- the polar fleece version of our diaper belt
12) CF Potty Cozy - Polar Fleece Solids -- handy for keeping the potty warm at night or in the car
13) CF Split Crotch Pants - Bamboo or Hemp -- functional and cozy, these pants make pottying easier
14) YES! Maternity/Nursing Bra -- my all-time favorite nursing bra!
15) Baby Potty Bowl - Red or Blue -- very handy for infant and nighttime pottying
16) CF Trainer Cover - Merino Wool -- light and breathable protection over any cloth trainer or trim diaper
17) Snappi Diaper Fastener -- the easiest way to secure a prefold diaper (besides the diaper belt)
18) CF Side Snap Training Pants - Cotton -- released in May 2008, our non-waterproof bikini-style trainer is fast becoming a favorite
19) CF Tiny Undies - Organic Bamboo Jersey -- organic version of our baby/small toddler underwear
20) CF Side Snap Training Pants - Bamboo -- organic version with buttery bamboo terry outer and bamboo velour inner option