Tuesday, April 07, 2009

EC Gift from Japan

I was touched and absolutely thrilled to receive this gift in the mail the other day:

It was from three of my Japanese customers -- a ceramic chamber pot and lid. In case you can't read the card, it says:
Dear Deirdre,

Hi. We hope you and your baby Malcolm are spending the sweet and intimate time! This chamber pot is a gift from the three of us. We find it extremely helpful in ECing baby boys :). Good luck!
Sincerely yours,
Keiko, Chiharu and Maiko from Japan
P.S. We love your hand-sewn baby gears. Thank you always.

I am really loving this pot! It is perfect for nighttime pottying. It is so much more stable than the plastic ones (no worry about spilling the potty contents all over the bed in the dark) but it's not that heavy. And, it is perfect for pottying a boy because it is deep enough that I can lower his bum right down inside without touching bottom and he doesn't pee over the top! :)

I will definitely be getting some of these for my store in the near future. They will be a great alternative to the plastic potty.


Charndra at Part Time EC said...

This is fabulous! I guess you use a cozy for the rim?

I'd been looking for such pots in 2nd hand shops - usually ceramic, chipped, and really expensive!

How wide is it? I like the lid, too.

Continuum Family said...

Hi Charndra! Isn't it great?! We've been using it exclusively at night. You could certainly use a cozy for the rim although I haven't bothered as baby doesn't seem to mind the feel of it under his bum.

I've got a shipment of these on their way to me from Japan for my store -- I'm so excited to be able to have them available! Should be arriving in a couple of weeks.

The pot is about 6.25" wide at the opening (about 8" including the rim) and about 5" deep -- a perfect size, even with a boy! ;)