Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cooperative Games a Hit at Our House

Whenever my six-year-old daughter has a playdate at our house, one thing that invariably comes out at some point are the cooperative board games. We have several of the Family Pastimes games and have spent some great quality family time playing them. It is so nice to play a game where no one has to be the loser and everyone is working together towards a common goal. And it's so encouraging to see her and her friends choose to play these quality games over other activities.

We've recently restocked these games in our store with all the best-selling ones (Princess, Caves and Claws, Secret Door) and added a couple of new ones that we've recently been playing and enjoying (Ogres and Elves, Dark and Dangerous Skies).


Tired said...

Hmmm, once they're older you should introduce them to some other great co-operative games like Lord of the Rings or Shadows over Camelot.

Annie said...

I love this picture of Lily and M. That was a great visit!