Saturday, November 28, 2009

EC Essential -- The Tunic!

Even though I have 3 weeks of sewing orders in the queue, I took a half hour today and whipped up a tunic for Malcolm out of some lovely camel colored wool jersey that I just got in:

For an almost-11-month-old who's now walking (aacck!!), this is a really handy piece of clothing. It's long enough to keep him warm with only trainers underneath (and he would be discreetly covered if he was nakey butt) but it's not so long as to get in his way when he's crawling or sitting on the potty. And, add a pair of matching wool pants (not yet sewn) and we're ready to go out and about.

In addition to the tunic length, I also make these as a regular shirt length (4" shorter) and a gown length (6" longer), in either long or short sleeve. They are currently available in both cotton and bamboo, and I will be getting more wool jersey colors in a couple of weeks.

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Annie said...

Malcolm is so cute! For all the reasons you share, we loved the long shirt we bought from you when Leif was so small.