Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Which Training Pants for EC?

Jane in Australia writes:

I would love to order some of your training pants for my 10 month old daughter, Alice, and wanted to see which ones you would recommend - I haven't used training pants before, but was wanting some to hold one wee when we're out, and so not to wet Alice's clothes, but not too extra absorbant that I won't be able to tell if she's done a wee or not?

Thanks for your help,


For training pants, it's a bit of a trade off -- if you want something that won't wet outside clothing then you need to get ones with a waterproof (PUL) outer, yet these ones make it difficult to tell if they have gone without checking inside the pants. However, something that you will be able to see or feel easily that she has gone will likely wet the outer clothing to some degree. Training pants with a PUL layer inside give you the best of both worlds -- they generally won't wet outer clothing unless they're left on for a bit. Yet you should be able to feel them and see that she's gone. I would recommend going with bamboo training pants, as they are more absorbent than cotton. In particular, my CF Side Snap Trainers in bamboo, with optional PUL layer inside and bamboo velour inner are a very absorbent option. And I've just added some cute print outer options in bamboo interlock. I will also soon be getting some solid color outers in bamboo french terry.

Another good choice if you want a pull up option would be the EcoNix by BongoBaby. These have bamboo velour and inner PUL layer on the soaker section, although the body is cotton (organic).

In general, I recommend going with a side snap trainer unless you and your baby are fairly consistent with catching poops. ;)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cooperative Games a Hit at Our House

Whenever my six-year-old daughter has a playdate at our house, one thing that invariably comes out at some point are the cooperative board games. We have several of the Family Pastimes games and have spent some great quality family time playing them. It is so nice to play a game where no one has to be the loser and everyone is working together towards a common goal. And it's so encouraging to see her and her friends choose to play these quality games over other activities.

We've recently restocked these games in our store with all the best-selling ones (Princess, Caves and Claws, Secret Door) and added a couple of new ones that we've recently been playing and enjoying (Ogres and Elves, Dark and Dangerous Skies).