Monday, August 02, 2010

Beco Gemini Release!

As of today, the long-awaited and much-anticipated Beco Gemini baby carrier has finally been released to the public!

If you haven't yet heard of it, the Beco Gemini is Beco's newest baby carrier design. It's a 4-in-1 baby carrier that will allow you to carry your baby comfortable in the front (facing in or out), back and hip.

The Gemini has a few key differences to the Beco Butterfly. Most notably, the Gemini does not have an internal harness, which is one of the key features of the Butterfly. This will appeal to fans of the Beco 4th Generation (retired in 2008) and more experienced babywearers and will also allow for easier nursing in the carrier. A unique design feature of the Gemini is that its base adjusts narrower through snaps to accommodate smaller babies or to allow for an ergonomic forward-facing front carry.

Mainstream babywearers unfortunately often turn to crotch dangling, front facing out carriers like the Baby Bjorn, mostly because they don't know there are better options out there. But now that the Gemini has arrived, there will be no excuse! To those that say the front facing out carry is overstimulating, ergonomically dangerous and/or uncomfortable for the baby, I agree that in general it is best to wear your baby facing in to your body. But some babies do seem to prefer facing outwards at least some of the time. So if you do it, please make sure you do it in a carrier that supports your baby properly (such as the Gemini or Pikkolo, but NOT the Baby Bjorn), pay attention to your baby's cues and turn him back inwards when he shows signs of overstimulation (neck turning, hands coming up to the face, fussing).

Other differences? The Gemini does not include a removeable hood like the Butterfly, but it has a padded headrest that can flip up if need be for support, and which will make the body of the carrier longer to accommodate toddlers. With the Gemini, there is also the option of crossing the shoulder straps in the front carry, to distribute baby's weight more comfortably than in backpack style. This option also facilitates using the Gemini to do a hip carry. The Gemini is a lighter-weight carrier, weight tested to 35 lbs as opposed to the 45 lbs of the Butterfly, but 35 lbs will still take you well into toddlerhood.

Sound good? Our shipment of Beco Geminis will be on its way to us very soon, and you can pre-order yours today! We also have a layaway option available.

Happy Babywearing! <3